We’re pretty darn proud of the people we’ve got to work with/for in the past and present, and we’d love to show you. Below is a list and some links of some of the clients we’ve had, or currently have.

ShadowVerse Gaming (Own Brand)

ShadowVerse Gaming (or SvG) is our own brand who deal with our gaming content. They stream, record and share! All of their socials can be found here.

Irex Photography (Own Brand)

Irex Photography, as the name suggests, are the photographers of Shadowideas UK. They’ve amassed most of our work and continue to do so as you’ll see below! Visit their site here.

Havok Audio (Own Brand)

These guys… well, they’re our record label/DJs/Producers/whatever else they want to be called. You can find links for their music here and their website here.

Memory Booth

We’ve helped design and maintain Memory Booth’s website and continue to help them when needed. In no way are they a rival, but they do party/event photography via a photobooth. You can check them out here.

23 Bath St

This is one hell of a rockin’ venue. Situated in the bustling town of Frome in Somerset, they host some fabulous events, and DJs. Irex Photography has captured some brilliant moments from these guys. Check out their Facebook page here.


Directly linked into 23 Bath St, CLUB MOMO host some of their events here. Be sure to check them out here.


We’ve worked for a few festivals. We could just leave it there, but this is what we’ve exactly done: Shindig Weekender 2016, Shindig Weekender 2018, Shindig Festival (Weekender) 2019, Wonderfields Festival 2017, Wonderfields Festival 2018 and Sunrise Celebration 2018. We’re hoping to cover more in 2019.